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Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Made Simple

4 Tips and Tricks to Extend Battery Performance

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance: With a few steps, you can avoid untimely repairs and keep your golf cart battery in peak condition throughout the winter.

Keep the battery charged.

Golf cart batteries should be stored in a fully charged state to maximize their lifespan.  Make it a habit to fully recharge your cart after each use.  Also, while in storage, unplug and replug the cart back into the charger once per month to “equalize” the battery.  This prevents the electrolyte solution in the battery from becoming stratified, or settling out at higher densities toward the bottom.

Over time, water in the battery evaporates, causing a drop in fluid levels.  This exposes the plates to air and unbalances the electrolyte solution, damaging the battery and decreasing its lifespan.  Maintain fluid levels by filling the cell chambers with pure distilled water to the indicator line.  Use only distilled water as other sources can contain mineral contaminants.  Recheck water levels every two weeks.  Only refill water levels on a battery that is fully charged.

Keep the battery hydrated.

Keep the battery clean.

Inclement weather over time causes battery acid leakage, corroding external components.   Using proper face and hand protection, scrub corrosion off of connectors with a stiff brush.  Use a combination of three parts baking soda and one part water as a scrubbing solution, as the baking soda will neutralize the acid and make the corrosion easier to remove.  Make sure all water cap seals are tight.  To resist future corrosion, dry off the connectors and apply vasoline to the battery posts and clamps.

Battery housings can freeze and crack with prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures.  A cracked battery may be leaking explosive gasses, and is extremely dangerous.  Notice if there is a puddle of water forming underneath the golf car, as this is a telltale sign of a damaged battery.  If this is the case, the battery is beyond repair.  Arrange for a replacement battery immediately.

Watch for warning signs.

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