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Electric Golf Cart Maintenance Checklist

How To Start Up Your E-Z-GO TXT and RXV After Storage

Electric golf cart owners – finally!  The warm weather is back and it’s time to get cruisin’. Follow this checklist when taking your vehicle out of winter storage to help make sure everything is working properly.

1. Tires

Check for sufficient tire pressure, inflate to psi specified in owners manual
Examine tires and rims for damage and excessive wear
Replace components that are overworn:


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2. Suspension

Examine underneath cart for signs of strut oil leakage
Check for excessive play in hubs/kingpins
Check for overworn bushings, replace if needed
Check for loose/missing hardware


3. Axle

Check for oil leaks and any signs of damage to the axle
Drain & replace fluid if needed


4. Electrical

Check electronic speed control connections for corrosion or tightness
Check all electronical components including F&R & accelerator
Check reverse warning buzzer, replace if needed


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5. Steering

Check for excessive play in the turn of the steering wheel
Check for loose or missing hardware


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6. Brakes

Check brake shoe lining, replace if needed
Check brake cables for excessive wear
Clean break pads and adjust as needed


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7. Battery

Check for corrosion & loose terminals
Check electorlyte level, fill if needed
For a more detailed guide, click the link below:


How To Maintain Your Golf Cart Battery


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