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Choosing the Right E-Z-GO Golf Cart for You

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An EZ-GO Golf Cart Buyer’s Guide


With the wide range of Golf Carts available today, finding the perfect golf cart can be an intimidating task for first time golf cart buyers.  Since the 1950s, E-Z-GO Golf Carts has been leading the world in transportation, golf carts and utility vehicles.  If you’ve been considering a golf cart, EZ-GO’s performance and profound reputation is absolutely unmatched.  But which EZ-GO is right for you?  The chart below, brought to you by Mutton Power Sports, highlights the key differences between 4 of E-Z-GOs most popular golf carts.


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freedomrxv_0EZ-Go’s Freedom RXV Series

EZ-Go’s Freedom RXV is the number one choice for golfers. The Freedom RXV features an advanced level of safety, durability, reliability, and performance.  The RXV is also very diverse; being the perfect vehicle for golfing or just getting around your community.

The RXV Line is also extremely customizable – available in either gas or battery powered options, and with 2 or 4 seats.  So the RXV line is sure to meet your need whether you will be using it on the course, or taking the family for a cruise around the neighborhood.



freedomtxt_0Freedom TXT by EZ-Go

When it comes to leisure vehicles, the Freedom TXT line from EZ-Go is ahead of the class.  The Freedom TXT takes all of the great qualities of the Freedom RXV and improves on them. Including more modern headlights for better visibility, taller seat backs for maximum comfort, and more storage room.

Available in a variety of finishes, colors, seating options, and more, the TXT is also customizable, making this the ideal vehicle for cruising around the neighborhood in extreme comfort and style.



ExpressL6_0EZ-Go’s Express L-Series

Next in EZ-Go’s lineup of great golf cart options is the Express L-Series.  Featuring stylish two tone seats and chrome wheels, The L-Series is certainly an elegant option for getting around.

More importantly, along with a great, modern look, the L-Series also boasts impressive hydraulic shock absorbers to help you navigate rough terrain, lifted suspension to help you power over obstacles, and high performance tires for incredible off-road handling.  The L-Series easily goes from pavement to dirt or gravel without missing a beat.

Available in 4 or 6 person seating options and a variety of color options, the L-Series is a highly customizable cart, allowing you to personalize your ride to your style and needs.  The rear facing seats also easily fold down into a cargo deck for added storage.


expressS6_0Express S-Series

The Express S-Series from EZ-Go is where Beauty meets Beast. A rugged, durable body meets a sleek, modern design to create this high quality golf cart.  With 20” Trail Tires, low suspension and up to six person seating, this golf cart is perfect for taking friends and family for a cruise around the camp ground or neighborhood. This is the ideal recreation vehicle for the whole family.

The S-Series is also available in a wide variety of customizable options from seating capacity, color options, and much more, making it easier to find the S-Series to perfectly fit your style and needs.



To learn more about these great E-Z-GO Golf Carts and more, visit us online or give us a call today.  At Mutton Power Sports, our helpful and knowledgeable sales team can help you find the perfect E-Z-GO that will meet all of your needs — and more!



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