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8 Essential Golf Cart Accessories for New Owners

The Ideal Guide to Creating Your Ride From the Bottom Up

This beginners guide to golf cart upgrades and accessories will walk you through the easiest way to start creating your ideal ride from the bottom up. For the E-Z-GO driver interested in personalizing their cart, here are the first 8 accessories every new owner should look into.

1.  Tires and Wheels

Tires and wheels are the best place to start when customizing your ride.  The right golf cart tire can improve how your cart handles, and custom golf cart rims come in a variety of styles and finishes to turn heads. Street tires offer better handling, efficiency, and longevity on paved surfaces, and are a requirement for golf courses. Off-road tires, on the other hand, are larger with deeper treads, and help your cart grip the earth when you’re out on the trail.

2. Fender Flares

Keep your investment looking clean and new with fender flares. Attached to the body right above the wheel well, fender flares add style and help shield you and the interior of your golf cart from splashback when driving through puddles and debris. Great for larger tires and off-roading.

3. Lift Kits / Lowering Kits

Give your golf cart an aggressive stance and make it better suited to ride over difficult terrain with a lift kit. Raise your golf cart 2-6 inches, and allow for larger tires.  Or look into a lowering kit to bring the golf cart body nearer to the ground and give it the look of a low rider.

4. Brush Guards and Rocker Panels

Show em you mean business by installing some brush guards. Brush guards are protective front grilles- they shield the front cowl from damage and give your golf cart a tough look.  Rocker panels protect the sides of your golf cart and add extra durability to the step-on/step-off point.  Both come in a variety of designs and styles.

5. Custom Body and Cowl

If you’re looking for a major way to make your cart stand out, you’ve found it. Custom bodies and front hoods, called cowls, come in all colors and designs to totally change the look of your golf cart. As a certified E-Z-GO dealer, Mutton Power Sports even does pinstriping and inset lighting.  Call for a custom quote 1-866-688-8667

The golf cart world is all about customization.  A wide selection of upgrades and accessories can truly make your cart shine. Find upgrades for everything – form, function, and fun.

6. Upgraded Controller/Motor

This is where it really gets exciting. With an upgraded controller or motor, you can raise the performance of your golf cart to get quicker acceleration and higher torque.  Controllers can also be used as limiters to decrease output.  This will make your cart safer for younger drivers, and increase travel time between charges.

7. Custom Seats

As the spot where the rider meets the cart, the right seat is critical.  Choose from all sorts of styles made from special fade and weather-resistant materials.  Stay cool with ergonomic, contoured designs that improve air circulation. Bring a new level of style and comfort to your cart with optional two-tone and camo seat covers.

8. Bluetooth Speakers

For some real run, get the party going with crystal clear audio from mountable bluetooth speakers.  Play your favorite music on the move or set up shop and have the tunes with you.  With cutting edge technology and weather-resistant designs, these speaker systems take your E-Z-GO cart to the next level.


Mutton Power Sports is Northeast Indiana’s premiere golf cart customization shop.  From lifting and lowering golf carts, to custom paint jobs, stereo systems and everything in between – you can always expect the best prices and guaranteed results from our custom golf cart services.


For upgrades and accessories visit: EZ Cart Parts

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